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    We played this game as a whim after seeing it in CABS’s cabinets.  It’s a time-travel/looping asymmetric puzzle game, where one player plays…02 April, 2015


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    We originally went to Toys’R’Us to by a a LEGO set, but they had nothing we wanted. What they did have was the cute little Love Letter…30 January, 2015


    The Secrets of Cats is a pay-what-you-want setting book for FATE Core.  I backed the FATE Core Kickstarter, and even got a nice, perfect…萤火虫vpn

    51 in 15 #1 - Dragon Rampage

    In Dragon Rampage (Board Game Geek), each player plays as the member of a party who, while exploring a dungeon, you accidently woke up the…15 January, 2015


    Bread on my lips My feet flat on the floor on the ground on the earth Energy fills me up and reaches deep into the center of the world. Up…萤火虫vpn


    One of the other things I wanted to add to my goals was that I want to make some things that are actually things this year.  I’m hoping to…06 January, 2015


    As I wrote recently, I want 2015 to be a better year for me and for my sanity.  The Guiding Principles for me are twofold: Make More Stuff…05 January, 2015

    Designing Forms About People

    Last week (and then again today) I went to Tsu, the new social media hotness, to create an account.  I stopped when I got to this form to…30 December, 2014

    Test Driven Epiphany

    So, when I first started formally learning to write code, and do programming, we were taught the only and true method of it, a method now…16 December, 2014


    Gambit, y'allSo, we were watching Korra last night, and discusing the titles of the different episodes and excited we were by them (for me…16 December, 2014

    Interactive Fiction

    There’s a deep part of me incredibly fond of text adventures. I remember waiting for my  Uncle’s TRS-80 to load (it took so long — I…萤火虫vpn


    So, long time readers of the blog may know that I try to do a plan for what I’m doing in the coming year, so that I have some idea of…10 December, 2014

    Things Change Like a Circle

    This post was prompted by The Extinction of Blogs and Prototypes for Blog Revival at  Chris Bateman’s Only a Game, as well as several other…05 June, 2013

    March Game of the Month: Prism, rorriM, Lz

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    No Universe

    So, the lead designer of Borderlands 2 was talking about something that might have been a good idea.  Then he called it “girlfriend mode…萤火虫vpn

    (Tropes vs Women) vs Internet Idiots

    I like to think that I”m a reasonably empathetic person.  That I can usually see where someone else is coming from and why they are doing…12 June, 2012


    When you get the Scoundrel as an ally, the game has forced you to have Leah with you as well.  The entire time the Scoundrel flirts with her…21 May, 2012

    Harry Barefoot (Of the Bigglesport Barefeet)

    I’m hoping to play some original D&D with the Riders of Lohan tonight, so I spent a very few minutes making a character.  This is an…14 May, 2012

    On Paying Attention

    My daughter (aka Goddessdaughter) is lacking in certain important life skills.  She doesn’t know that you jump on Koopa Troopers so they won…25 January, 2012

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    Well, it’s time to do some online gaming. I knew G+ would be good for this when I first saw Hangouts, but they made them better, and I…29 December, 2011

    The Ongoing Search for the Perfect RPG

    I don’t completely remember my first gaming experience.  I know it was one of the few at my friend Blair’s house, before his father — a…24 October, 2011

    Elder Scrolls Replay: Arena, Part 2

    If there had never been another Elder Scrolls game, Arena would have been forgotten, or fondly remembered by a few gamers but largely…16 September, 2011


    For a moment, something breaks me out of what I’m doing, and I realize that I’m leaning forward, chewing on my upper lip. My right hand is…14 August, 2011


    A few months ago, I started a campaign with my Shattered Earth setting.  It was the product of some soul-searching about what makes a game…05 July, 2011


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    Alphabetical RPG Playthrough

    I blame Steam.  Or maybe GoG.com Either way, it’s useful to have someone to blame. I went a long time with a substandard PC, and played a…30 May, 2011

    I've Seen This Scam Before

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    Rift Travelogue: Final Thoughts

    As I said yesterday, I abandoned doing the big rift events, and focused on leveling my character.  I killed 10 of those and 5 of that, and…24 February, 2011

    Rift Travelogue: Rift Events

    This is a bit of a spoiler for the newbie areas of Rift.  It’s also the strongest argument I can give for playing the game, so I feel…23 February, 2011

    RIFT Travelogue

    So, I mostly ignored RIFT because of the Pen and Paper game of similar name.  I was told through Twitter that it wasn’t the same, then that…21 February, 2011

    A Serious Question About Tools

    Earlier this week, I finally joined the IGDA.  Some of that was to support my friend Corvus’ bid for for the board. But I wouldn’t have done…09 February, 2011


    I remember when the only “programming” game was crobots.  It was a game where you programmed a robot (in a c-like language, thus the name…13 January, 2011

    2010 Games in Review

    I’m not picking a game of the year, instead I want to think about what games I’m playing, and what has left a lasting impression on me.  One…03 January, 2011

    Enslaved : Fluidity Failure

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    The Great Echochamber, or Why the Internet is Bad

    The other day, I was looking on a forum for HTC Eris users about whether we were going to get an official Froyo (Android 2.2) install.  The…17 November, 2010

    Basic Update

    It seems whenever I do these post-a-day commitments, there’s always a day that I can’t make it. Part of that is that I have a huge essay…16 November, 2010

    Why Aspects?

    Now that I’ve described aspects, and talked about them in two posts, I want to talk about why I see such potential in this. RPGs grew out of…15 November, 2010

    Aspects in Echo Bazaar

    Echo Bazaar was first brought to my attention by The Border House Blog. I was at first hesitant — I don’t know how may of these sorts of…12 November, 2010

    Aspects in FATE

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    I recently wrote on Gameful that I was interested in “aspect-based gaming”.  I didn’t define it, and no one is out there asking me what I…10 November, 2010

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    Zhenette focused her will and channeled her magic into the bit of stone in her hand. Magic flowed from the ether, through her crsystal-bound…09 November, 2010

    Shattered Earth Adventurer's League : Family

    Foster stood leaning against the stone retaining wall.  Keelie stood on top of it, which put her head about even with Fosters.  She looked…08 November, 2010

    Shattered Earth Adventurer's League: Briefing

    Commander Bess Nightingale addressed the Silverwings. “We’ve got a couple of assignments for you to pick from. Normal rewards apply.” The…05 November, 2010

    Shattered Earth Adventurer's League: Delivery In Thirty Minutes or Less

    The Edge Bar and Grill wasn’t technically on the edge, as it was inside the safety fence. Adventurer’s League Silverwings Troop was on the…04 November, 2010

    Shattered Earth Adventurer's League: Rats

    What D&D campaign doesn’t have the party fighting a rat swarm or dire rats sometime early in the game? As they approached the place the…萤火虫vpn


    I’ve now had a chance to play Fable 3 and experience it’s “menu-less” interface. I was also a fan of Black and White, also by Lionhead, and…02 November, 2010

    Tales From Shattered Earth: The Balance

    The sun’s rays shown up through the water disk, as it prepared to rise.  Jaxom, special assistant to the Druid Guild Council Representative…01 November, 2010

    Shattered Earth: Clarification

    Okay some people have said that it’s a bit confusing what I’m asking from players for the Shattered Earth game, and as I’m still looking for…29 October, 2010

    Tales from Shattered Earth: Soapbox

    Annie watched from the shadows, waited to see if he’d be back today. If so, then good news for her and the old man. People distracted were…萤火虫vpn

    Shattered Earth Tales: Lovers on Minos

    Two dwarfs, Harriet and Lottie, lay in the magicite field, the purple glow of the crystal trees surrounding them.  Mining tools were placed…28 October, 2010

    Shattered Earth Tales: Porting the Harvest

    “It’s like this,” Jimmy said.  “You wear the gauntlets of orge power, or the belt of giant strength — never both, you hear?  You grab a…27 October, 2010

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    The room was empty except for one person when we walked in.  I had a bag full of the special FUDGE dice, the two Dresden Files RPG rulebooks…30 June, 2010

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    I began my week still having Nier, Blur, and Red Dead Redemption. Nier got moved up the Gamefly list, and Blur is on it waiting for Tam’s…14 June, 2010

    Over the Weekend - June 7, 2010

    Given my schedule, I only have a few nights a week to focus on gaming, but tend to get a lot of gaming in on the weekends, particularly on…07 June, 2010

    Crowd-Patrons of the Arts

    One of the joys of the internet is that it connects and levels things.  Enough amateurs can be as right as an expert, and uniquely strange…05 April, 2010

    Ada Lovelace Day

    又有惊喜!iOS13的五个隐藏功能让你飞起来_科技_北方头条 ...:2021-7-16 · 原标题:又有惊喜!iOS13的五个隐藏功能让你飞起来正文共:703字3图6月份的iOS13和iPadOS13为我们带来了诸如“黑暗模式”和改进的多任务处理等重要功能成,而现在,外网又为我们带来了iOS13中5个隐藏的功能,每个都让你惊喜到飞起来。一起来看看都有哪些功能24 March, 2010

    The Three Modes of Interacting

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    More than One Kind of Experience

    I’m reading Schell’s Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses, which took me a while to pick up after his DICE talk which destroyed some of his…10 March, 2010

    Neptune's Pride

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    First Impressions: White Knight Chronicles

    I suspect that if White Knight Chronicles hadn’t been a huge JRPG, it would have been a half hour, or one-evening game at most.  But it isn…03 March, 2010


    Well, I did spend two hours of my weekend working on the Klik-n-Play Pirate Kart, but when I finally sat down to do it, I discovered that I…萤火虫vpn

    Dresden Files RPG

    A few weeks ago, I volunteered to run a Dresden Files RPG game at Origins this year.  The games have to be on file with Origins by March…25 February, 2010


    Remember how I said I’d be quiet? Yeah. I’m really happy with this bit of code, though.  It’s a programming chestnut that the hard things…24 February, 2010


    It was a fairly interesting moment in a game without too many interesting moments: I’d just managed to get Cole and Trish back together by…23 February, 2010

    Quiet or Technical

    So this week, I’m either going to be quiet or technical. I do have some things to write about inFamous, but I’m focusing on coding htis week…22 February, 2010


    The ongoing diary of Chelon, Mage and Grey Warden. Start at the beginning. Duncan proved to be a good, and understanding, travelling…19 February, 2010


    The PS3 game inFAMOUS was one of three angry-man open-world games that came out about the same time. The other two, Prototype, and Red…18 February, 2010

    First Impressions: Bayonetta

    Bayonetta made the rounds of the blogs when it came out, largely because of it’s hyper-sexuality, and the fact it’s from the same creative…萤火虫vpn


    Today’s First Impressions: Bayonetta post has been delayed due to Protonaut.  My suggestion? Go play that while I finish collecting gasses…16 February, 2010

    President's Day

    Well, I’d normally talk about my weekend gaming, but my weekend isn’t over yet, thank to some of the more famous American presidents having…15 February, 2010

    Dragon-Age: Chelon's Diary 1

    Chelon So, I took all the suggestions folks gave me for playing Dragon Age and decided to start over.  I was having fun, with my knew mage…12 February, 2010

    Pen and Paper: DFRPG

    Earlier this week, I volunteered to run the Dresden Files RPG at Origins.  This morning, I got email inviting me to a group that has gotten…11 February, 2010


    I posted a blog piece called ”Transgression and Kink” at my NSFW blog.  I’m linking it here, to tie it in with the transgression and…10 February, 2010

    Overlording II

    I’ve had Overlord 2 for a while, but hadn’t played it (as it lived at Girl’s house for some time). I recently borrowed it, and began playing…09 February, 2010


    It’s feeling like the natural thing for a Monday is weekend updatery and planning. So, that’s what you’re getting. I even made a tag for it…08 February, 2010

    Sorry Folks

    My self-indulgent character diary will have to wait until next week.  I’m in a heavy coding phase, and learning all kinds of fun stuff. If…05 February, 2010


    So, I said the other day that I was going to work more with HTML5 since the triumvirate of Python/Pygame/PGU were starting to bother me.  I…04 February, 2010


    Borderlands plot — at least as far as I’ve gotten into it — is largely non-existent.  I’ve gotten several quests to kill some dudes, and a…萤火虫vpn

    Borderlands First Impressions

    Most of the old posts of this type went with the great hard drive failure of ‘09, but I like to talk about games before I’ve fully…02 February, 2010

    pygame Frustrations

    (This article is going to be geeky and technical and ranty.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.) As I’ve mentioned I’m prepping for the Glorious…02 February, 2010


    Nothing major to report gaming-wise today.  I went to the local GBox to pick up a game: predictably, Mass Effect 2 was sold out, as were…01 February, 2010


    Well, here we are, the last weekday in January.  At the start of this month, I wasn’t sure I’d get through it. We’ve had a lot of local…29 January, 2010

    Transgression: Thou Shall Not Commit Adultery

    There is a lot to say about sexuality in video games, from character models to treating romantic partners like vending machines.  The…28 January, 2010

    Transgression: Thou Shalt Not Kill, Part 2

    关注丨酸了酸了,北工大2021年录取通知书长这样?_教育 ...:2021-6-30 · 原标题:关注丨酸了酸了,北工大2021年录取通知书长这样?7月5日,即清华大学之后,北京工业大学也公布了2021年录取通知书样式。今年,北京工业大学录取通知书主题“‘橙’意”,橙色的主打可以看到北工大对新生到来的诚意啦!下面我们欣赏一下北工大录取通知书的设计细节吧~简直太让27 January, 2010

    Transgression: Thou Shalt Not Kill, Part 1

    Here’s an interesting thing about today’s commandment.  The proper translation of it is probably “You must not commit murder.”  Murder is…26 January, 2010

    Transgression: Thou Shalt Not Steal

    The rain it raineth on the just and on the unjust fella. But chiefly on the just, because the unjust steals the just’s umbrella. --Lord…萤火虫vpn


    This week I’m going to delve back into my ideas around Transgression.  To recap a bit, transgression is the breaking of a boundary, usually…24 January, 2010


    I think some of it is nostalgia.  Some of it is the nature of games to build on what came before. Some of it is certainly the hit driven…22 January, 2010


    I’ve done some thinking since I wrote yesterday’s post about frustration in Dragon Age.   I think my analysis was wrong, actually.  It’s not…萤火虫vpn


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    Short Post Today

    My Goddess Daughter evidently didn’t get the memo that the only thing she should bring home from school was refrigerator art, so all of us…19 January, 2010

    That Liminal Feeling

    By virtue of the magic circle, all games can be said to exist within a liminal space.  But liminality is a mental state, you have to have…18 January, 2010

    Liminality in Games

    A liminal space is an other space, one which exists within the world, and separate from them.  I’m interested in these spaces and much of…15 January, 2010

    No Post Today

    No post today, it’s just my way of making Thursdays a little worse.  Sorry about that. I did put up a new post on the erotica blog, though…14 January, 2010

    The Desire for Unacceptance

    Here’s a thought that occurred to me as I was writing yesterday’s post. If Tetris came out today, it’d be a casual game. So, why isn’t it…13 January, 2010


    Transgression in its primary sense is the violation of a moral law or duty.  It can also be more generally defined as “the action of going…12 January, 2010


    You have a bunch of players, and you’ve got a world you know they’ll enjoy playing in? Awesome!  And when they get there, they don’t care…11 January, 2010

    From Zelda, through D&D, to Amaranth

    Let me say up front, that I love designing worlds, particularly ones where I’m going to tell stories within them.  Usually that means game…08 January, 2010


    So, yesterday I listed a bunch of limitations that my game has to contend with: Looting required Simple system or one people are familiar…07 January, 2010

    PnP Game Design

    苹果下架VPN是法治的胜利_荔枝网新闻:2021-8-4 · 日前,苹果公司CEO蒂姆库克回应苹果应用商店中国区将VPN下架一事说,我们在遵守当地法律的情况下在当地开展生意。由此可见,在中国互联网法治化和经济快速发展的语境下,有违相关规定的苹果公司才下架中国区应用商店里的VPN。06 January, 2010

    Pen and Papering

    My gamer roots are with pen and paper games.  Oh, my family played the classic board games: Monopoly, Life, Connect Four. We later got…05 January, 2010

    2010 Goals

    I don’t like making resolutions.  Resolutions always feel sort of wishy-washy and vague, and it’s either hard to do them, or hard to know…04 January, 2010

    Device Meltdown

    In one week, I had three devices fail on me.  One was somewhat expected, and one was no surprise, the third destroyed my confidence. My Xbox…04 November, 2009

    51 in 15 #7 - Dominion Base Set

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    Joe Tortuga
    Hello, I'm Joe Tortuga
    Dual class Bisexual Rogue/Social Justice Bard. Kinky, poly, cis, programmer-writer. He/him.